Top 66 North Surrey Cricket Academy

Top 66 is the top level of our Academy player pathway in North Surrey.


For 2020-21 we will be inviting players in each of our squads to work over the winter towards the summer 2021 Surrey Academy match programmes and play in 2020-21 indoor matches.

These players will be committed to the full year ahead and taking part in all key squad events, listed below.


Each player will receive the following​: -


  • Winter training 18th September-26th March (training days for each squad are below) at Richard Challoner School

  • Detailed personalised player report

  • Epsom College Festival weekend tournament (all day Saturday plus Sunday afternoon) in July (not senior squad)

  • Academy camp week in August (2nd to 6th tbc)

  • Additional matches indoors on Sunday evenings in the winter and outdoors in the summer, usually on Sunday afternoons

  • Academy clothing


*NEW for 2020-21*


  • Remote support using the StanceBeam tool (you will need an account and there will be a small additional monthly payment direct to StanceBeam to access this)

  • Half day small group session at half-term 15-19 February at Richard Challoner School

  • "Pods" over the winter for more individualised training

  • At least one 1-2-1 or small group session (to be booked by parent, typically at their club)

  • School holiday discount/voucher at Easter or May half-term for "B", "C", "D" and "E" squad players

  • Umpiring training and mentoring available for Senior, "A" and "B" players

  • Scoring training and mentoring available for all players, except "E" squad


The Senior and “A” team will also have a tour week.
We expect this to be in Devon on 16-20 August. More details will follow.

In the event of any Covid-19 outage, we will replace the lost sessions to the same value through school holiday courses for the "D" and "E" squads and summer 121s for the older squads.


Annual Membership for each squad is: -

Senior squad (U16-U17) - £218.99 per quarter or £876 a year – Training Sundays 3-5pm

“A” squad (U15) - £231.49 per quarter or £926 a year – Training Sundays 3-5pm

“B” squad (U14) - £231.49 per quarter or £926 a year – Training Fridays 6.30-8.30pm or Sundays 3-5pm (by invitation)

“C” squad (U13) - £231.49 per quarter or £926 a year – Training Fridays 6.30-8.30pm
“D” squad (U11-U12) - £231.49 per quarter or £926 a year –Training Sundays 1-3pm 
“E” squad (U9-U11) - £231.49 per quarter or £926 a year – Training Sundays 1-3pm


Initial payments are due before 28th August.


Subsequent quarterly payments are due no later than 28th November, February and May and you will receive an invoice via email.


* Training is subject to availability and one day/time must be chosen for the whole year.
There may be some flexibility on your training day but those above best match the ability groups


+ Payments are a 12-month commitment

If you have any questions, please contact us on 03455 20 20 29 or via email.

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