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Which shots are in your locker?

When you're walking out to bat, in a game or a practice, what are you thinking about?

Probably the match situation/net scenario, who is bowling, the conditions, the fielding positions. Anything else?

Which shots are you looking to play? Which shots are you hoping not to play and what is your plan to deal with deliveries bowled to you in these areas?

Golfers are allowed 14 clubs in their bags. There's probably around 20 different types of clubs, Woods, Irons, etc. that they could choose but they have to leave some behind. If they're carrying their own bag around a course, they might even choose to bring less than 14 to make the bag lighter!

Batting in cricket is very similar. There are probably as many shots in cricket as there are golf clubs but most batters don't use them all and certainly not well, apart from the top professionals, but even they are judicious about which shots to play when, maybe leaving some of them until they are "in". Former England captain Alastair Cook is a great example of this. For the large part of his early innings he would probably play no more than 5 or 6 shots most of the time. Once settled there would be more shots coming out.

So as an amateur cricketer what are the shots? What shots are you carrying out to the pitch for your innings. Most players aren't looking to play 14/15 shots in an innings.

Just as golfers sometimes have 3 or 5 club challenges where they can only take a limited number of clubs with them, as a batter what would be your "minimum" shots?

Scenario 1 - You can only play 3 shots. What are they?

Scenario 2 - You can only play 5 shots.

Scenario 3 - You can only play 7 shots

Which shots haven't you chosen?

You now having a batting plan to suit your game.

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