What are your "Ten Percents"?

Improving your cricket can be daunting sometimes.

If you look at your game as a whole, there are so many different elements that it's often hard to work out where to begin.

This is where the "Ten Percent" rule comes in handy and, while we're all at home, there is an opportunity to practice some elements of our game to make us better.

If you break your cricket down into chunks and focus on improving each by 10%, the sum of the parts will see a noticeable development of your game and it's more manageable.

As a coach, if I can get all 11 of my players improving their cricket by 10%, that can translate into big improvements for the team as a whole.

Let's look at batting. Say our top 5 all average 15 and then each improve by 10%, that's 7.5 runs to the team. Add in the same improvement for the other 6 players further down the batting order, perhaps with lower averages, and that's going to be an additional 10+ runs to the team score each game.

If we do the same with bowling - looking to improve economy rates by 10% - we can potentially reduce average opposition scores by 10 or more runs.

So we're now 20 runs ahead of last season by improving our batting and bowling by just 10%!