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Twenty20 Cricket Academy 5 a side net league begins

The 5 a side Twenty20 Cricket Academy net league competition kicked off today with three of the 9 teams taking part playing against each other in Group 1.

The Bulldogs won the group with commanding victories against both the Alligators and Crows, who played out a last ball thriller with the Alligators just coming out on top.

Each team played their innings at the same time in opposite end nets, to maintain social distancing, with matches lasting just under 40 minutes each. This is a format which works brilliantly to get 10 players playing competitive cricket until we are allowed to re-start the game as we know it. Players also used their own cricket ball.

The Bulldogs charge into the Finals weekend. Alligators have a chance of a 4th-6th place play off weekend if rain doesn't disrupt the next two group rounds. The Crows sadly fly away empty handed.

Group 1 Table 1. Bulldogs 21 points

2. Alligators 9 points

3. Crows 3 points

Match Scores

Alligators (1 pt) 41-6 lost to Bulldogs (10 pts) 88-0 by 47 runs

Tristan Greenleaf (1 pt) 17-1 beat Sam Partridge 12-0 Jamie Harris 13-0 lost to Alfie Haxton (1 pt) 22-0 Sanjit Baber 1-2 lost to Ralph Dennis (1 pt) 15-0 Will Saich 11-1 lost to George Dennis (1 pt) 19-0 Ethan Murray -1-2 lost to Max Macrae (1 pt) 20-0

Crows (3 pts) 57-4 lost to Alligators (8 pts) 59-2 by 2 runs

Michael Simonetti 5-1 lost to Tristan Greenleaf (1 pt) 20-0 Thomas Wilkin (1 pt) 15-1 beat Jamie Harris 9-1 Lewis Mayho 3-2 lost to Sanjit Baber (1 pt) 13-0 Shiv Tailor 16-0 (1 pt) beat Will Saich 6-1 George Dennis (sub) 18-0 (1 pt) beat Ethan Murray 11-0

Bulldogs (11 pts) 117-2 beat Crows (0 pts) 73-3 by 44 runs

Sam Partridge (1 pt) 27-0 beat Michael Simonetti 14-1 Alfie Haxton (1 pt) 29-1 beat Thomas Wilkin 17-1 Ralph Dennis (1 pt) 16-1 beat Lewis Mayho 12-0 George Dennis (1 pt) 29-0 beat Shiv Tailor 19-0 Max Macrae (1 pt) 16-0 beat Sanjit Baber (sub) 11-1

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