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Twenty20 Community Cricket Partner with B3 Cricket

Twenty20 Community Cricket are delighted to announce a new partnership with B3 Cricket who are a cricket bat maker and brand based in Nottingham.

B3 are unique in that they manufacture their bats to order using advanced technology. They also have their own indoor academy and share our passion for coaching and developing young players. B3’s owners and employees are all experienced cricketers and understand that it is vital for a young player to get the right bat for their size, strength and stage of development.

“We have admired the work Twenty2O Community Cricket does for a while and we are also keen to support proper grass roots development”, explained B3’s Managing Director, Michael Blatherwick. “As a coach myself and also Dad to a young cricketer, I know how important it is that young players get a bat that suits them, isn’t too heavy and performs well.”

B3 have donated a kit bag and some sample B3 bats for Twenty20 Community Cricket players to try out. They will also offer Twenty20 Community Cricket players a discount and preferential offers if they (or their parents) sign up to the B3 VIP Club.

We will work with them to ensure our youngsters get their perfect bat to optimise their potential.

To understand what B3 do and see their Factory Tour with famous cricket commentator, David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd watch the following video:

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