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Twenty20 Community Cricket adopts CricHeroes for digital scoring and player analysis

In early 2020 we came across CricHeroes through the work we are doing consulting on High Performance for the Sierra Leone Cricket Association.

What we found was that we had the ability to monitor individual player performance in matches in Sierra Leone from the comfort of our office in Surrey providing us with sufficient data to recommend individual training areas and aiding team selection.

Since then we have adopted CricHeroes for our own Twenty20 Cricket Academy players. The data it provides through the Insights functionality is exceptional.

Below you can see an example of the data we can collect for batsmen: -

Scoring is done in app and is incredibly simple. The other huge added benefit is that it is robust and hasn't, to date, crashed at any stage.

Parents are now following our matches live, either at the game or from their homes or offices and the level of data and the live match interface are providing them with a spectacular user experience.

CricHeroes is going to form a key part of our cricket data for the foreseeable future both at home and for our work overseas.

Want to know more about the Twenty20 Cricket Academy? Visit our website for more details.

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