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Top 44 West Surrey Cricket Academy launches next week

Recruitment continues for the Twenty20 Community Cricket Top 44 West Surrey Academy, which starts on 20th April at Old Woking Cricket Club.

The second of our Academies, the focus is to attract talented and keen young cricketers who have either been in the county performance programmes, been assessed for them, or aspire to be at that level.

The existing Top 66 North Surrey Academy has been running for nearly 10 years and has a waiting list at most age groups.

With a focus on state school coaching, over 65% of players in the Twenty20 Cricket academies currently come from state schools around the county and Twenty20 Community Cricket are keen to continue to support players from this background.

The first year of the programme runs from April to August. There will be training sessions with our experienced coaching team as well as individual player feedback, matches around club commitments, and detailed post-match analysis plus a week long Academy camp in August.

For more details, or to sign up, contact Managing Director and Head of Talent ID, Darren Talbot at

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