The Flickit Cricket Board Game

While there are many board games out there with a target audience of age 9 and upwards for 2-4 players, there are none out there quite like this. For all you cricket lovers out there, this game is right up your street and for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge on the subject, it is also a great learning tool. Here are just a few reasons as to why you should be playing this game:

Learn the Fielding Positions

Learning about the different fielding positions has always been a challenge for young cricketers, so many get to 12 or 13 without knowing them. However, Flickit Cricket introduces the fielding positions to kids at a much younger age, which in turn, will help them when learning about it as they get older. The best way to learn is through having fun and this game shows that.

Being a Captain

In the game, you can move the captain after every ball, changing the field position. What’s great about this, is you are not leaving fielders the same all the time, which reflects how you would approach a game of cricket in real life. As a captain you must always be thinking about setting the field and whether fielding positions should change for different bowlers and batsmen as the game progresses. In this game YOU are the captain. It’s quite cool seeing your name next to all the great players in your team!

Chance & Skill

Throughout the whole game, you get multiple opportunities to flick the dice at a target to decide an event. When compared to a real game of cricket, there is always an aspect of chance as to whether a catch will be caught or not, or even if the ball will hit the stumps. Of course, there is also skill involved, but this is the same in the game.

Realistic Scoring