"Ten Percents" Part 4 - Stop more balls in the field more often

Our next "Ten Percent" focus is on fielding.

If just three players turn a 4 into a 1 through a really good stop in a game, you are 9 runs better off from just three short pieces of cricket.

With an over-emphasis on net practice, fielding often gets missed out and doesn't get the focus it deserves. The best fielding teams are most often the winning teams!

There are perhaps two big challenges for young fielders: -

1. Concentrating fully every ball

2. Not being scared of the ball

Concentration every ball should be achievable for every cricketer. The key is knowing when to switch off and switch back on again.

The moment the bowler starts running in to bowl is the time we need to focus.

If you are in the outfield you should be looking to "walk in" towards the batter. Is that necessary? No, as long as you get yourself into a "set" ready position, prepared for every ball to be coming to you. Walking in is just a good way to focus and get your momentum towards the ball. The most important thing is that you are ready to spring into action at any moment.

If the ball doesn't come to you, that's not the time to switch off. You might be needed to back up if the ball is thrown to the end you are closest to. Always ass