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Surrey Walking Cricket Summer 2022

This week sees the launch of the summer 2022 Walking Cricket programme in Surrey.

With an winter indoor and summer outdoor format, Walking Cricket is started to reach popularity levels seen in Walking Football over the past few years.

There's no running between the wickets or in the field - it's all walking. The bowler's run-up is a walk up!

With players aged 60-80, there is also an inaugural league running in 2022.

This summer there will be 3 venues for training sessions: -

Cobham Avorians CC

Back where it all started last summer with two sessions, the first for the beginners and then after a coffee break for all, a session for more experienced players.

Pirbright CC Also started last summer, Pirbright Cricket Club will be continuing their Wednesday morning session on the beautiful village cricket ground.

Ashtead CC Following the success of our winter programme at the Rainbow Leisure Centre in Epsom, we are delighted to launch a new summer venue at Parsons Mead, Ashtead CC's second ground.

At Cobham Avorians & Ashtead, the first session is free and then the cost is £40 per quarter, around £4 per session. Please contact the email on the flyer.

For details on the costs at Pirbright, please contact the email address above.

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