Social Distancing Net Cricket Matches - A Return to Competitive Cricket

It's good to see we are now allowed to train in small groups but actually not being able to share a cricket ball makes small group training quite challenging and potentially quite dull.

It may well be that 11 a side full cricket matches aren't permitted this summer in the UK. We're still being positive and hoping that won't be the case but we've also come up with a back up idea so competitive cricket matches can be played between teams whilst still observing Social Distancing.

Social Distancing Net Cricket Matches shouldn't take more than an hour (5 v 5 is a tad longer) so it should be possible to run maybe 4 matches each afternoon/evening.

This gives more access to more club members than might otherwise be possible and some competitive cricket to boot. A 4 v 4 competition would involve 32 players a night - at weekends you could fit in enough cricket for 160 players! 192 players playing competitive cricket in a week.

With 2 coaches/responsible adults, 8 players can comfortably be managed in two groups (2 playing in the net, 2 waiting to bat/bowl, other four watching in another socially distanced group).

The Twenty20 Cricket Academy have been running 1 v 1 matches since 2nd June. You can find match report and league table details on this blog. The games have been high quality, purposeful practice and enjoyable for all involved.

We have developed a scoresheet for you to use. Please contact us if you would like that.


Teams can be 1-5 players a side.

To maintain social distancing, only one player from each team, plus an umpire, are allowed in each net. Any other players must be outside of the net and observing social distancing. Players must use their own ball which cannot be shared with other players.