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Self Isolation & Social Distancing Cricket from Home

With most of us likely at home for the next few weeks, at Twenty20 Community Cricket, in partnership with our great friends at Flicx, we are determined to find ways to keep cricket alive!

There are several Flicx products available which can give you an early cricket season of some sort in your back gardens whether it’s a Crazy Catch or maybe even a garden pitch and net system.

We have teamed up with Flicx to make these as accessible as possible to our clients to help get through the coming weeks.

Visit their shop online at and enter the code twenty20cricketcompany to receive a 10% discount to help you bring the cricket season to your garden/driveway/patio – wherever you can do it! Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

The Upstart or Wildchild Crazy Catches are particularly good for cricket and we'll show you a whole load of ways of using it over the coming weeks.

We will be adding some additional Crazy Catch drills regularly, and we’d love to have your videos back of you and your children taking part. We want to show the country that Social Distancing and Self Isolation doesn’t have to mean no cricket!

The first drill is the classic 1 Minute Challenge. The video below is a few years old now but the idea of the challenge is a strong today as it was then. Upload your videos to our Social Media so we can see who our best catchers are. If you don't have a Crazy Catch and can't afford one right now, you can use a wall as a substitute.

Remember to use hand gel or wash your hands before and after your catching especially if you are sharing the equipment with other family members.

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