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Playing Video Games is finally a good idea!

Well you're at home and can't go out to the park or on your bike so you might as well play video games - but let's play them for learning too!

Modern day games can be used for coaching purposes as well as fun - and so can some games from years gone by.

Later in the week I will share details of other games out there but for now I want to focus on one retro game that can be used to help improve cricket decision making.

One of the challenges I find young cricketers have is judging a run. It's quite a hard thing to do without practice and without a reference point, e.g. watching games of cricket or practicing. I learnt some of that from playing a game called Test Match Cricket (and it's One Day counterpart) on my ZX Spectrum.

Spectrums aren't around anymore but the great news is you can download an Emulator so that you can still play these games on your PC.

It's a very simple game compared with modern day video games but it's very useful to judge runs and learning to make bowling change decisions.

You simply enter the two team names (it's got England and Australia from about 1981 as the default), add players (you can add you and your friends or team mates like I used to do) and then select your bowlers in ability order. The coin is tossed and you play.

You are the batting and bowling team, or you might like to play with someone else in the house who can act as the bowling captain while you bat or vice versa.

What's useful about the simplicity of this game is that the only big skill involved is not getting run out. Every time the ball goes to the field, you are offered a simple Y or N calculation and again for multiple runs. It's surprisingly good practice at judging runs.

Give it a go! You can download the Emulator here. I've used it for a few years now and it works really well. To get the game, drop me an email and I'll send it across to you. It's free to share. It's really simple to use but let me know if you have any challenges.

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