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New web based cricket game to improve your batting

Video games are pretty much always just fun. Finally we have something for cricket that is web based, so easy to access, and has some educational value for our young cricketers.

Pocket Cricket - is a new game that is simple to use for young cricketers of any experience.

The bowler delivers the ball and the user, the batter, has to decide which yellow area there are going to hit it into and then which shot to play. Finally, the hardest bit of all - for me at least - making the best contact by clicking the moving bar as close to the green area as possible.

Unlike other games like Stick Cricket, there really is some cricketing skill involved here in (a) choosing the right area for the right ball (b) choosing an area based on where the fielders are (there's a map in the bottom corner showing the field setting) and (c) choosing the correct shot.

They've cleverly added a "form" rating too to the more you get on top of the bowler, the easier it gets. You can even choose to leave the ball or defend it more often early on as you build your innings.

It's a great, very playable and addictive game but with a real genuine coaching purpose to learn to play the best shots and avoid the field. Give it a go!

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