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Meet the coaches - Dave Walter

What have been some of the highlights from working with us?

My role as administrator and coaching cover does not lend itself to highlights, but there have been some very interesting occurrences: delivering over 500 hours of coaching in the summer of 2019 due to the injury and resignation of a staff coach, umpiring an MCC Hub tournament at Arundel Castle and coaching the Swiss U11 and U15 in Switzerland to name but a few.

You do a whole range of things for the company, what is your favourite aspect?

My main role is administration, which I enjoy doing but there is no substitute for seeing young cricketers develop. So, an extended period of working with the same players is definitely the most enjoyable part.

Who were your cricket inspirations growing up?

Mike Brearley for his tactical and man management skills.

Geoff Miller as he was like me, an off-spinning all-rounder.

David Gower for his effortless efficiency.

What, in your opinion, makes a great cricketer?

There are two types of great cricketers: those with exceptional talent and those with exceptional application. There are so few with exceptional talent, so I am drawn to those who apply themselves: in modern times Jack Leach is an example to most of us. He has achieved so much despite not having exceptional talent.

What, do you think, makes a great cricket official?

There are many officials who know their job and make good decisions, so that is taken for granted. It is an understanding of the game and an ability to empathise with the players that allows you to move to greatness. Adjusting your approach to the match is critical; umpiring a 1st XI Saturday league match is very different to an U11 B match on a Sunday morning.

How would you describe your coaching style?

I am not the youngest coach, so my body does not allow me to do the "bouncy clown". My preference is to work with older junior cricketers with whom I can discuss challenges and possible solutions. We talk about why as well as what. With younger and large groups, it’s more about having many goes at executing particular skills.

What is the most important element of umpiring?

Unlike football referees who are in charge, good umpires facilitate a cricket match. They work to allow the players to exercise their skills within the rules and playing conditions of the particular match.

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