Meet the coaches - Robin "Mazza" Maslin

You’ve been with us now for over 10 years, what have been some of the highlights?

There have been a lot! I've coached in at least 7 countries. I really enjoy building projects abroad.

I think best of all has been reaching the stage where some of our boys and girls are teammates. We've played some adult games with the Academy and they've done themselves proud.

It's nice feeling all the hard work over years has come together...which you get every now and again. This year we're playing in a senior league. Bring on the summer!

Why did you want to be a cricket coach?

I fell into it a little bit. It started off with volunteering.

How do you make your sessions fun as well as constructive?

To an extent, the two come hand in hand! If they get better, they'll enjoy cricket more. If they enjoy it, they'll commit more to the session. For even the simplest skills, I have about 10 different activities. Trick them into doing the same thing over and over...but in a different way.