Meet the coaches - Ed Belger

What have been some of the highlights from working with us?

‘There have been many highlights since joining T20 from helping set up the now Surrey Slam schools programme to helping improve and develop the now successful Academy programme, but I think the overall highlight was organising the first ever academy tour to Bristol a few years ago and now looking forward to the third tour we will be doing to Devon in August.’

Who were your cricket inspirations growing up?

‘I started playing cricket in 2005 after the successful Ashes win for England so my big hero growing up was Andrew Flintoff because when I first started playing cricket, I wanted to be a fast bowler and smash the ball miles like him. Then I became a leg spinner, so my inspiration was Shane Warne and wanted to be able to bowl all the different deliveries he had and have his arrogance. I also loved watching Jimmy Anderson and Dale Steyn bowl and AB De Villiers makes batting look easy. Also, as a Gloucestershire fan growing up, I used to love watching Hamish Marshall and John Lewis play.’

What, in your opinion, makes a great cricketer?

‘Good question, what makes a great cricketer? I have seen lots of kids come through the club and county programmes who either are hard working and work on their game every day, or ones that have so much natural ability, but the ones who take that next step into professional cricket have both and they are relentless with whatever discipline they do. They don’t stop looking to improve and keep setting themselves targets each year to reach. That’s the difference between your Surrey professional and a very good club cricketer.’