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Closing the Gap - How Twenty20 Community Cricket are narrowing the divide

This week we saw another article from the Daily Telegraph on how privately educated students are dominating sport.

Since 2017, we have been closing the gap in cricket in Surrey, arguably one of the biggest gaps in the country, by providing state educated youngsters with additional cricket opportunities across the year.

Our Managing Director, Darren Talbot comments, "In my role as lead on inclusion for the Surrey Junior Cricket Championship, I regularly hear stories of the state educated young players getting fewer in-match opportunities than those at independent schools and so the gap only gets wider."

He continues, "It is understandable that some junior managers want to put winning matches ahead of developing young players, but the reality is that the state educated youngsters are more likely to be available for adult league matches when they are old enough and consequently more likely to be long-term club members. The investment at junior level is often going to the wrong players."

The Twenty20 Community Cricket Surrey Slam Schools programme, supported by the Surrey Cricket Foundation, was created to provide year round additional opportunities for these young players to help them develop on a level playing field to those fortunate enough to receive cricket through their schooling.

Since its launch, nearly 1,000 young cricketers have been in the program and some have gone on to attend county performance training and matches.

The 2022-23 Surrey Slam Schools program starts in mid-September with weekly training over the autumn & spring and then training & match opportunities in the Easter and summer school holidays with a potential for over 200 hours more cricket over the year while still training with and playing for their clubs.

There are still places available at each of the 5 hub venues across the county. For more information, visit the website where parents can also sign up.

Photo by Pete Overy

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