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Closing the gap for state school cricketers

Today sees the launch of our 2022-23 Surrey Slam Schools programme.

In its sixth year, over 1,000 young state school cricketers have benefitted from additional coaching and matches to help them close the gap between them and independently educated cricketers.

We estimate that they receive over 100 hours additional cricket each year with winter training, regular summer training and hard ball matches across the term. At state school, many youngsters are lucky to get any.

The Surrey Slam Schools programme is here to redress the balance.

In 2022-23, we will be offering more than ever before with over 200 potential hours cricket across the year, starting with indoor training in the autumn and spring terms followed by training and matches in the Easter, May half-term and main summer holidays, all included in the programme.

The Guardian newspaper wrote on 27th January this year, that investment was needed in state school cricket to tackle elitism in the sport. Over the 15 years we have been developing state school cricket, we have found that reaching out to students to come to regional hubs is the best way to do this, providing them with equal opportunities in a safe and supportive environment.

Over the next academic year, we will be offering MORE cricket to these students than their independently educated peers are likely to be receiving to start to tip the scales back in favour of state school cricketers.

We will be running six regional Surrey hubs in Godalming, Addlestone, Kingston-upon-Thames, Chessington, Epsom & Tooting.

Places are limited in each venue and bookings are open from today.

For more details or to ask any questions, please email programme director, Darren Talbot.

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