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Bowling Pitch Map - Improving your line & length

It was great to work with an under 10 young cricketer this week for the second time in a week.

A left arm over bowler, by no means an experienced player yet, he was able to deliver 6 overs in some really impressive areas.

I find this bowling tool really useful to demonstrate to young cricketers where they should be bowling, and why, and then "mapping" their deliveries over by over.

Ask many young bowlers where they aim and you get a range of answers from "I don't know" to "the stumps". This tool just helps focus their minds and I often find big technical changes aren't needed, just a mental re-focus on where to bowl.

It works even better if you put a reward down on the big yellow circle for the perfect line & length! Some parents have added a money reward and it's amazing how quickly their accuracy improves.

We will shortly be releasing a further tool for coaches and parents to record player's deliveries in Excel and build up a picture of Accuracy, Consistency, Line & Length percentages.

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