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Sometimes all we need is some inspiration.

Last summer we were fortunate enough to have two great pieces of English cricket history. Being indoors we have time to reflect on some amazing cricket.

Winning the World Cup was of course one of those amazing memories.

Having been aged four at the time of the first World Cup back in 1975, that actually gave me one of my earliest memories of anything, with the West Indies opener Roy Fredericks being hit wicket right at the start of the final. No idea why I remember that, but I do, vividly, watching it on (free to air!) TV.

Having watched every World Cup since, I was beginning to wonder if England were ever going to win it in my lifetime, but fortunately 2019 was finally the year after 44 years of despair. Just.....

It's going to be worth reliving those last few moments many times in the coming years.

But, for me, there was arguably an even greater moment in 2019, and that was Ben Stokes' astonishing innings in the Ashes - not forgetting Jack Leach's invaluable contribution!

I was coaching a Deaf cricket match near Oxford at the time and ended up listening to the final overs commentary on TMS. To say it was tense was an understatement. It was fascinating watching the progress being relayed in British Sign Language to all our players who were just as gripped even though they couldn't follow the commentary themselves directly.

In a coaching environment we often use scenarios to channel coaching points. One day I hope we'll have the time to challenge a team to pull off a "Stokes".

Try it in your back garden. One wicket left, 76 runs to get......

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