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Batting: Communicating with your partner - How to "Call"

Communication between batters is crucial to scoring runs in a game of cricket.

There are set rules on how to do it which are simple to follow but sometimes need confidence to execute. If you're not sure, it's better to do it wrong than not at all. That is the quickest way to learn.

The rules to learn are: -

1. If you are the batter facing the bowler, if the ball goes in any way forward (even slightly towards the bowler or beyond), it's YOUR call.

2. If you are the non-striker (the one next to the bowler), if the ball goes behind the other batter, then it's YOUR call.

If it goes sideways it's sometimes hard to work out who should call. That comes with instinct, but if in doubt, call anyway.

The call itself is simply "YES" - meaning run, or "NO" - don't run. There should be a call every ball, no matter how obvious it is. That gets you into good habits.

If you are unsure, you should call "WAIT" first. This might be if the ball is moving towards a fielder and you are not sure if they are going to field it or not. "WAIT" must always be followed by a "YES" or "NO", ideally fairly soon after. If you leave it too long it can create confusion if you then shout "YES".

This is all there is to know about calling when you're running. Learn the rules, practice them every game and before long it will become natural.

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