Basic batting set up

The basic batting setup should be the starting point for every young cricketer but some of the basics often get missed in the early development.


For me this is the non-negotiable, at least until you are scoring runs on a strong and consistent basis. Hands must be together on the handle, touching. This gives the batter the best control over their shots.

Where on the bat, is up to you. Somewhere around the middle of the handle is probably best. Nearer the top is generally harder to control.

Finally, you should have the two V-shapes your hands make as they grip the bat (between thumb and forefinger) lines up down the back-top side of the bat, just above where the back of the bat slopes.

Before you go anywhere near a ball, this is the basic starting point.

Every time you get a chance to hold a bat, whether in the back garden or in training or in a match, this is how you should be holding the bat.


Your feet should be around shoulder width apart with the crease (white line) between your feet. If your feet are too close together you will struggle to stay balanced.

Your back-foot toe should be around middle stump, certainly no further to the off side than that.