A tool to improve all junior bowlers at your club/school

We have spent the past 12 months developing our own in-house tool to record where young bowlers are bowling in order to help them visualise weaknesses and to be able to see clear improvement.

This summer we have been testing it with young players and have found that (a) they generally have no idea where each of their balls land (b) they often have no idea where they should be landing the ball.

With our Pitch Map tool, these challenges have been removed.

Young players more aware visually of what they are doing and what they should be doing.

It also has the added bonus of being able to prove to players and their parents that improvement is being made through the numbers above.

This approach with a qualitative coaching overlay has allowed us to develop young bowlers even more quickly than before and to give them additional confidence as they can clearly see where they have improved.

The information works best for 36 or more balls bowled and we recommend keeping session data and collating "all time" data for each player. The tool can record up to 66 overs for each player.