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Twenty20 Community Cricket Player Pathway

Twenty20 Community Cricket Player Pathway

At Twenty20 Community Cricket our player pathway is accessible to everyone no matter what part of their cricketing journey they are on.

The majority of players start with us at school or at their cricket club or by coming to one of our school holiday camps & courses.

From there, some progress to our Borough State School Academies. Players are selected from summer trials to train and play for their local borough the following summer in matches.

Our Surrey Performance Academy players come to us from a number of different places. They might be picked up from their cricket clubs or at the Borough State School Academies or via their school. Often we will spot talent at our camps & courses and from there players will be invited to join the Academy.

Those who are top performers in the Academy will be put forward for county trials. This might be at assessment or, if we identify talented players at a later date, we will send video to the county.

All players in our Borough State School & Surrey Performance Academies have detailed player reports compiled so they and us can monitor progress.

For more information on how to join our player pathway, email us or call on 03455 20 20 29.

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