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The importance of purposeful training

The England cricket team's trials & tribulations with taking wickets, or rather not, with no balls this winter has highlighted a very important coaching point as articulated on Cricinfo this week.

It would appear that in England's nets they don't worry about whether the bowlers' front foot is over the line or not and now they are seemingly paying the price for this oversight.

This is a lesson for us all even at grassroots club level.

Practice should always be as purposeful as possible, replicating as close as you can to what would happen in a match.

Making sure that bowlers keep their front foot (and indeed back foot on the return crease) behind the line in a net/practice situation is perhaps one of the simplest ways of doing this.

At the Twenty20 Cricket Academy we think purposeful practice is key and our weekly sessions at Richard Challoner School in the winter, and Ewell Cricket Club in the summer are very focused on replicating match situations and preparing young cricketers for the matches ahead.

For more details on our Surrey Performance Cricket Academy and coaching courses visit our website.

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