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Effingham move to joint top of thrilling Junior Indoor League!

Last Sunday was an evening for the target setters as opposed to the chasers, at Downsend's Surrey Indoor Cricket League. All 4 sides who batted first emerged as victors, by a small but decisive margin.

Effingham took on Weybridge "B" in the first match of the day. Despite having lost every match this season, the younger Weybridge outfit have improved immeasurably since they began their campaign. This week their performance in the field was up there with the best, scrambling to stop every ball, and backing up with plenty of time for the throws. This, along with FAR few extras, contributed to keeping Effingham's powerful driving top order from speeding away.

Special mention should go to Adam Franks who was a huge presence in the to cover the ground of two players, the ball stuck to him like glue! With 2-22 as well, definitely a good day at the office!

However, Effingham were up to the challenge of summoning a Plan B. Sam Spencer was this week's standout, proving able to work the ball into all corners....then up and over for 3 sixes in between. Wing and Partridge were ever dependable also, both reaching double figures.

136 was a big ask, but new recruit Jack Howells set about putting a big dent in the target! His trademark shot was an extra cover drive (that will be very fruitful for him this Summer. Rahil started in dominant touch, but unfortunately was caught by a sprawling Sam Partridge (good catch, but it doesn't deserve a slice of pizza Sam!), before he really got going.

This brought the second Jack (Tricker) to the crease, and together the Jacks contributed 47 runs,

in 6 overs! While Howell continued to punch in front of square, Tricker player more behind square, with the odd strike over mid-on. Indoor cricket works best in complimentary partnerships. This may be one for the future!

Effingham were determined, but couldn't threaten the stumps quite as much as usual. The odd overthrow came from this frustration. But they were stopping the ball from hitting the wall frequently. It is commendable how they back each other up when times are tough....their head's are never ever completely down.

Despite a disciplined performance from Weybridge, they couldn't force the pace as the run rate climbed. However they can be proud of their 113, against a great team. Effingham were deserved winners, but both sides have moved forwards significantly in 6 weeks of matches.

It was a pleasure to watch such a skilled match, played throughout in good spirits. This is what cricket is all about!!



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