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Twenty20 Surrey Performance Academy training update

Surrey Performance Academy training

We are now 5 weeks into our autumn Academy sessions and the improvement shown by each player each week has been huge. We have also seen the dedication and desire to improve from each player who has had a 1-2-1 either with myself, Dom or Rob which hopefully will carry on.

During winter training we have tried to focus on two elements of each player's game and that’s fielding and personal player development.

We have seen over the past few seasons fielding has been a key element of the game where we have needed improvement and could make a huge difference in results and more importantly each players improvement as all round cricketers.

Taking the boys to that next step in their cricketing development our coaching team felt there was one element the boys were missing and that was knowing what they needed to improve on and what to do in different situations of the game. We call it Game Sense.

We have worked on this with a mixture of fielding drills which have also brought the boys together as team (as most of the boys play for different club sides) with boys working on communication in the field, aggression when attacking the ball and putting 100% effort in from ball one to the last ball.

Surrey Performance Academy training

We have also had conditioning nets where we have given the batman different scenarios each week to hit so they can get used to and improve on each part of the game.

Then getting the bowlers to work on plans for each batsman trying to adapt to each batsman and to each part of the game. Whether to hit a good length or trying to hit yorkers.

Additionally, we have used indoor games as a way of getting the boys thinking about not just their game but also the way they want to play as a side. Do they want to be an attacking and aggressive side or a defensive side who look to frustrate the opposition?! It has been crucial in helping the boys to read the situation of the game. Where do you want your stronger fielders? Whereabouts do you want to bowl? Do you want to try and be aggressive when batting or try and knock the ball around picking up 2’s and 3’s.

We are all looking forward to the rest of the winter training and hopefully a successful summer seeing the boys improving each week and playing some good cricket.

Ed Belger

Head of Cricket

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