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Swiss Developing Nicely

The last weekend in November saw Twenty20 take a trip to the Swiss town of Basel. The two day training camp was the first of the years session for the new intake of the Swiss U11 national squad.

These training days took the form of setting the standard for the teams tour of the UK over the Ascension weekend in May. Day one saw a morning of team bonding and larger groups skills with a focus on upskilling batting, fielding and bowling basics and fundamentals. The afternoon was largely reserved for a few quirkier skills and game play.

The Saturday even saw a dinner for all the players as a welcome to joining the national squad and a chance for parents to get to know the coaching team.

Sunday, saw the squad split into smaller skill specific groups with the emphasis on key and individual skills; spin bowing decision making, etc. The afternoon session offered the players more game time and the coaches the opportunity to see the skills of the weekend put into practice.

In all it was a great with a large amount of player development, and the chance to continue Twenty20's link with Swiss cricket.

We look forward to seeing everyone again in the spring when we return for our pre-tour camp.

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