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Academy Intake making progress

As we start a new half term and the festive breaks draws closer, this year’s Twenty20 Academy intake are stepping up their training. Both the training groups (U11and U13) have been working on the basics and non-negotiables of playing the game and creating team norms.

The session have progressed with a greater emphasis on batting so far and the players ability to make decisions and then to execute their shots. We have seen an increase in positivity and assertiveness at the crease. This has been based around how players can best use these new traits in playing the game, with plenty of opportunities to practice in games scenarios.

As we move toward the end of the first term, the emphasis is shifting more towards tactics and the individual roles a player has with in the team. Over the coming week s the junior groups will begin to look futher at playing off of the back foot and occupying the crease whist the senior will begin to build the playing of spin into their games.

Ther is still space if you would like like you child to attend the academy sessions, if you are interested pleae contact

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