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Batting for Quality

Openerz Cricket Bats

Twenty20 Community Cricket are pleased to announce the impending arrival of our own range of Openerz cricket bats.

With the coaching work we do around the county we found that we were encountering the same issues with technique and performance caused by many young players using unsuitable bats.

Young players are frequently using bats which are either too heavy or too big for them and which is greatly affecting their achievements.

Parents are often understandably buying cheap entry level bats, often from large high street chains, but these are often not fit for purpose from a learning perspective.

As coaches it is making our job more difficult to coach the correct skill and technique when a player can’t pick up or hold their bat.

This is why we have taken matters into your own hands by launching our own range of specifically tailored entry level junior bats.

They have been designed to be a good weight for junior players, at an entry level cost to suit parents’ budgets, but at a better quality (Grade II English Willow) than will be found on the high street for a comparable price.

We will also be producing softball entry level bats in sizes 2 and 3 and the English Willow bats from sizes 3-6 with prices starting from £20 up to £85.

If you are interest in one of our bats once they arrive next month, in time for Christmas and pre-season, please contact Jeremy Dyer

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