Good enough? Old enough!

Junior Cricket Development

Does your club advance players an age group if they are good enough?

Are your under 13s and above playing regular weekend adult cricket?

Do players in your squad regularly reach their retirement target batting and/or destroy teams with the ball in junior league games?

If so, then this would strongly suggest they aren't being sufficiently stretched and their talent may be being held back.

At one of our partner clubs this summer we took the decision to promote a player from his age group to the one above based on his ability. We're pleased to say that in the last week he made the Surrey District squad for the first time.

Much of this must go down to the sheer effort and ability of the boy concerned and the excellent back he has had from his parents but we strongly believe that if he hadn't been accelerated this summer, this progress would not have happened.

Many clubs have a strict system of age groups and we think, in a perfect world, that the stronger A team players in an age group should have the opportunity to play in the age group above if they are dominating their age group matches. We don't see this very often at all.