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Future Schools Cup from Vienna

TOURNAMENT REPORT : ACCW Future Schools Cup – International Junior Cricket with 3,200 runs in Two Days Alastair Cook may have just become the youngest player to score 10,000 test runs, but in a mere 6 days over the last three Future Schools Cup International Tournaments, over 13,400 runs have been scored by the young, future cricketing stars of Mainland Europe.

The 16th year of the popular Austria Cricket Club Vienna Future Schools Cup took place on 28th/29th May at the Austria Cricket Stadium in Vienna and in two days, 3,200 runs were scored by the 70 young players from a variety of clubs and schools from Germany, Hungary and Austria, playing in 24 matches in glorious sunshine!

For the last few years, the tournament has focused on the younger, less experienced players and particularly on schools development - with 70 kids aged between 5 and 15 taking part in a four team hardball (39 players) and a five team softball (31 players) competition. Regular visitors and friends from Munich were there, and in addition, there were welcome returns from last year’s first timers from the Bat and Ball Academy, Budapest, Hungary - who brought an ever increasing and improving group of players, (great development work here!) - and an U11 school based team trained by Cricketers Cricket Club, Vienna. And also pleasing, was the so named European Girls team made up of players from Vienna and Munich playing together for the first time – 4 of whom were playing in their first ever tournament!

The softball competition showed a dramatic improvement in the quality of cricket being played over the two days and was one of the closest competitions for a number of years. Munich and CCC each won a day of competition, with Munich just edging the overall weekend by run rate.

The hardball version was also well contended and showcased some excellent batting, bowling and fielding. It was also memorable for the close finish in the final game between ACC and Munich, where all results were still possible on the final ball!

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