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Cricket Consultancy Service

Did you know Twenty20 Community Cricket also offer a consultancy service?

Twenty20 Community Cricket recognise the importance of developing your club and how finances can be a challenge so we have put together what we believe is a very affordable package to help support you to grow your club.

Twenty20 Community Cricket’s Managing Director, Darren Talbot, has over 10 years experience of helping and working with county boards, cricket clubs, leagues, BME groups and national associations, as well as developing Deaf cricket in the UK.

Our club cricket specialisms are:-

  • Junior player recruitment

  • Working with the local community/schools linking

  • Junior coaching planning & organisation

  • Coach development & mentoring

  • Team management & organisation

  • Affordable clothing & equipment

The following testimonial is just one example of how our consultancy work has benefited one cricket club.

"Since starting work with Twenty20 Cricket we have been able to revolutionalise our Colts section at Weybridge CC and more than double in size adding new squads including 2 Girls groups in just 2 years.

Coaching sessions are now professionally organised and planned in advance by their coaches.

As a result overall membership has increased by over 40%. Parents are very bought into the model, using Twenty20 coaches for 1-1 sessions, consulting with them on player progression and areas to focus on to improve skills.

Assistance hasn’t just been on the coaching sessions but also with team selection, squad and match organization while helping to develop a long term plan for the club juniors”. this season we have already seen improvements across the colts section especially in the development groups who now win more matches as confidence has built."

Twenty20 Community Cricket’s consultancy service can also support with indoor Cricket, league administration, and cricket overseas.

For further details, go to our website here , and to discuss in further detail contact Darren here

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