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Tri-Nations T20 Cup

Preliminary Schedule for exhibition matches and TRI-NATIONS CRICKET CUP matches (times TBC) EXHIBITION MATCHES: Serpins C.C. versus Alderney C.C. (night) Wednesday 11th May Portugal XI versus Alderney XI (day/night) Saturday 14th May TRI-NATIONS CRICKET CUP MATCHES Miranda Crows versus Alderney C.C. (night) Friday 13th Miranda Crows versus Girona Warriors C.C. (night) Saturday 14th May. Girona Warriors C.C. v Alderney C.C. (day) Sunday 15th May GRANDE FINAL: 1st Place Team versus 2nd Place Team (day/night) Sunday 15th May

Speeches/Awards Ceremony TOURNAMENT SPONSORS: Miranda do Corvo Municipal Council County Cricket Club - Coimbra CCC PPL SAS Sports Apparel

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