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Quiz 1, question 3


It's quite close, but Norway's cricketers - ranked 36th* - edge out their footballing counterparts - ranked 51st!

This is one of the most successful times for the Norwegian national team. In 2014, they finished unbeaten in the ICC Europe Twenty20 Division 2, to take home the trophy!

Not a bad achievement for a nation more known for its cross country skiers than its cricketers!

More than 100 nations qualify for ICC events, most of whom play in continental tournaments every 2 years, with promotion and relegation.

Click here to see every single nation that plays international cricket - Allistair Gordon's T20 rankings.

*according to Allistair Gordon's international rankings system (1/2016)

Question 3

Who has won more official ICC trophies (senior) in the last 10 years?

a) South Africa

b) Estonia

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