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The Streak continues for Brittania

Britannia prevails again on a low scoring match. Typical April weather hovering over Maifeld and then comes some fantastic bowling by Viktoria 89 restricting us to a very low score of 128/10. Fortunately Rohit Singh and Abhinand Jha got us over 100 runs. 80% of the runs coming from these two batsmen. A below par score for any team to really defend.

Now began a fantastic fight back from Britannia. Rohit and Manvendra Singh upping pressure on Viktoria 89 batsmen right from the start. Wickets began to fall steadily, runs were not coming that easily, Britannia tightening the noose on them with fine fielding.

Rohit Singh again putting up a fantastic bowling performance by picking up 7 Viktoria wickets. Janpreet, Kumar and Abhinand everyone of them bowling tight spells making their batsmen work hard for every single run. In the end Viktoria 89 was just outplayed by Britannia restricting them to 105/10. Britannia wins by 23 runs.

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