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Luxembourg update on Tournament

LCF International Cricket for the Summer of 2016

Luxembourg has been invited to an International T20 tournament that is being hosted by the Hungarian Cricket Federation. We will likely depart Luxembourg the afternoon of Wed 27th of July and return to Lux during Monday the 1st Aug. There will be 5 or 6 international teams competing. As the ICC has stopped providing funding to these tournaments (they may be helping in other ways…umpires etc), to participate we need to cover the cost of travel, subsistence and accommodation ourselves. The LCF has kindly offered to utilise some of its ICC funds as a subsidy towards the costs but it is envisaged that each selected player will need to contribute a maximum of EUR 400-500. We will endeavour to keep this cost as low as possible but it is better to estimate at the upper end so people can budget accordingly. We will likely take a squad of 14 players (comprising of 4 1yr residents, 5 4yr residents, 5-7yr residents... as this is many way is consistent with the ICC rules but slightly more flexible).

If you are interested to be considered for selection for this tournament please notify National Team Captain, Tony Whiteman.

To ensure that you are considered for selection the of EUR 100 deposit needs to be made on or before the 15th April 2016. This deposit will enable you to be considered but as the cost needs to be funded by the players, we prefer to get solid commitment and of course, if you do not get finally selected or don't end up going then this EUR 100 will be fully refunded.

For any questions, please contact Tony Whiteman or Graham Cope.

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