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Heligoland win in Hamburg

ERDINGER Alkoholfrei Hanseatik Cup goes to Heligoland Pilgrims Seagulls.

Although Heligoland Pilgrims Gannets topped the table after the round robin games, they were no match for the Seagulls in the final. Directed by Cam, the Pilgrims' selected Seagulls, reinforced by Charlie from THCC's ladies team and Till from THCC's U15, swept away Steve's Gannets with THCC's Avni and Niklas like a tornado in less than 5.5 of their allotted 8 overs. The foundation of this tidal win had been laid in the first innings when the Seagulls had restricted the Gannets to 97 all out, producing lots of run-outs. Once the Seagulls' openers had reached 50 in the third over, fuelled by some ERDINGER beer, it was clear this team would become a worthy winner of the very first Hanseatik Cup. Earlier THCC's Moles under Murali had beaten THCC's Badgers captained by Aswin to finish third in the table.

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