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Bavarian International Youth Cricket Championships

In the soft ball section Munich went head to head against Austria over many numerous games and the intermediate hard ball section is well poised overnight with a tight competition on the cards. Munich Lions, Munich Tigers as well as Hessen and Austria have each had their weaknesses exposed with a loss but also all had tough close games pushing them to their limit.

Munich Lions have pulled ahead to first place to be on 40 points overnight but only have one game remaining before the play offs. They were also surprised by a disciplined Hessen in their last game of the day today and will need to regroup for tomorrow.

Hessen, after their disciplined bowling dispatched the Lions, have moved into a precarious second place with 26 points but with only one game left whilst Austria are close behind with 21 points and two games tomorrow. The battle for second place will be a tough one. The Munich Tigers with a lot of young cricketers new to hard ball have pushed all teams hard with a number of their games coming down to the final over. The way the competition has been so far, it would be a very brave man or woman who is willing to bet on the eventual winner. It is anyone's to be had.

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