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BW Sharks Squad Announcement

The MoneyGram Cup in Heidelberg is coming fast and the local team, the BW Sharks have now nominated their squad. It includes two national team players in Brandon Ess and Wasantha De Silva as well as U19 national team player Hakeem Sayed who hit the two winning sixes to win the U19 international tournament last summer.

Muneeb Ahmed - United CC Frankenthal Wasantha De Silva - Stuttgart CV Brandon Ess - TSV Pfaffengründ (Heidelberg) Srikar Injeti - Stuttgart CV Hakeem Saeed - SSC Karlsruhe Vijay Shankar - TSV Pfaffengründ (Heidelberg) Irfan Sohail - TSV Pfaffengründ (Heidelberg) Nasrullah Tarkan - Karlsruher CC Muhammad Zareef - Karlsruher CC Ashwath Shetty - Stuttgart CV

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