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England captain's technical batting coach hosts Twenty20 masterclass

On Wednesday 2nd March, several young batsmen, from around Surrey and neighbouring counties, were given a rare exposure to the life of a cricketer at the very top! Twenty20 arranged for Gary Palmer, England captain Alastair Cook's personal technical batting coach, to deliver an intensive batting masterclass! We were joined by 15 boys and 10 local qualified coaches.

About Gary:

Offering coaching sessions out of the Cricket Coaching Master Academy - based in Witney, Oxfordshire - hundreds of cricketers, from promising youngsters to county and international professionals, benefit from his elite coaching each season.

As well as Alastair Cook, Gary has worked with a number of other England Test players including Nick Compton, Ian Bell and Michael Carberry.

The course:

The 15 boys who attended were rigorously challenged, during a 3 hour bowling machine session. The main objective was honing a perfect, straight, front foot batting game. Sounds easy? There is a twist!

Unlike a standard bowling machine stint, there was no monotony, no standard right-arm-over, no going through the motions. Starting with a right-arm-round angle (an unfamiliar place for the ball to be delivered from), batsemen's balance and footwork were immediately put under the spotlight.

Can you hit a full, swinging delivery back down the ground consistently? Or is there a specific type of bowling action that "finds you out"? Gary Palmer's "2 angle, 4 swing" method will identify which kind of balls cause you problems, then lead you to a solution, efficiently and quickly.

The players:

The boys - aged from 12 to 17 years old - showed tremendous energy throughout the evening. 3 hours is a long time for any aspiring junior. It is a tribute to both them, and the tireless energy from Gary and all the attending coaches, that everyone stayed engaged and committed to the session plan.

Coaches were also invited to sit in on this masterclass, and everyone present had an opportunity to deliver the session themes to cricketers directly.

After 3 hours of smashing drives from all angles, simulating every kind of seam bowling they could possibly encounter, the results were excellent!

Coming up:

Gary will be in back soon, with more batting classes due in the near future. Keep watching our site for more news!

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