Kings reach the Czech Republic Indoor League finals

Czech Republic Cricket

Winter League Week 6 results: Barbarians Vandals 52-75 PCC Rooks Vinohrady Bianco 125-93 Vinohrady Rosso Barbarians Visigoths 94-109 Bohemians PCC Kings 128-85 PCC Knights It means Kings are guaranteed to be in the final, while Vandals blew a great chance to join them, losing to give bottom-placed Rooks their first win of the season. Next week, if Vandals beat Kings then they will meet each other a week later in the final. If Vandals lose, Knights will go through if they beat Rosso. But if Vandals AND Knights lose, both Vinohrady teams could draw level in a 4-way tie for 2nd spot!

All to play for!

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