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To appeal or not to appeal?

Appealing or not?

Cricket courts wildly different views. Controversy leads to inevitable debate - as will be seen on Facebook walls around the cricket-loving globe!

Depending on your background or homeland, sledging, "Mankading", walking and refusing to walk is interpreted as, "part of the game" or "an abomination/travesty/cheating".

Now, consider what a person who had never seen the game before would think. Some of the customs that we take for granted, it turns out, appear quite bizarre!

A view from Bosnia

Bosnia Cricket

Meet Slavko Drach. Slavko grew up Australia, where a love for cricket was first kindled. He now practices the game in the Balkan nation of Bosnia - the game has a "fledgling form" in this corner of Europe! Many curious observers come, go, and ask questions of this peculiar looking sport. His insights are fascinating. In light of this, his club has embarked on a radical trial.

"One aspect of cricket that some of the local players find perplexing is appealing. Why do bowlers and fielders have to appeal for a catch behind, or lbw?

Surely, something is either out or it isn't. Therefore, this season we are going to experiment with removing the need to appeal. The umpires will just give someone out caught behind or lbw if they are out in the same way that they will signal a four or a no-ball when applicable.

More than this though, we are going to discourage appealing at all. We find that because this behaviour is alien to the players who have come to cricket after playing other sports it actually causes unnecessary flashpoints in a match".

Food for thought!

A few questions....

Has it always been this way? How was appealing coded into the fabric of cricket?

At what point did "How is that one, sir?" become "HoooooowwzaaaaaaaaaAAAAAGGGH", the guttural roar that can be heard from space?

At what point does coercion become manipulation (or even intimidation)? How often does this mar a day of cricket?

Do Bosnia's cricketers have a point?

Let us know your views!

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