Summer Junior Club Coaching - Coaching to be more competitive and aid player retention

Coaching Junior Club Cricket

Coaching your local club juniors can be a rewarding experience but for many, particularly voluntary coaches, it can also be hard work.

When you are coaching maybe 90 minutes a week for 13 weeks throughout the year it's very hard to build up enough experience of individuals and situations to know what to coach and how to coach.

What is the primary focus on your summer training?

For most age groups arguably it's to make sure they can be competitive in matches. Competitive doesn't necessarily mean winning, it just means that the team are able to be in a position not to get hammered every week. Winning is a wonderful feeling but nothing demotivates young people more than getting thrashed every week so it's critical to make sure that when match day comes it's an enjoyable experience.

That focus in itself gives you a strong lead on what to coach. For some of the clubs we work with, we produce a list of skills which we think young players should know by certain age groups. Ideally this work will start in earnest long before match play kicks in (usually under 8 or under 9) but the reality is most youngsters won't join a cricket club until around that age so will often find themselves playing matches soon after joining.

What are the key skills?