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Report of Swiss Women's training session

Mansi Patel has given a report of the Swiss Women's practice session in Zurich on Saturday 9th January 2016.

"Saturday 9 o'clock we started the training with a quick warm up. After the warm up we paired up and got a bat and a big ball. The point of this was hitting the ball as straight as you can. Soon after we had to try and balance the ball on the bat while hitting it up and down. Then we got to practice our bowling.

By that time the under 11s were done with their training session and wanted to play against the girls.

So we set up the hall and the girls started batting.

The under 11s were determined to win! And in the end they did.

The training session was really fun. We got to learn alot of different things and I'll definitely be back next week."

If you are female and would like to try your hand at playing cricket in Switzerland contact Veena Mampilly. Whether a novice or an experienced female cricketer, Swiss Cricket want to hear from you!

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