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News on Spain's preparations for ICC Europe Division 2

Cricket Espana

With unseasonal weather continuing to bless the area, The Murcia region of the Spanish Cricket National and Academy players used the opportunity to have their first training session of the year.

2016 is massively important year for Spanish Cricket as it aims to obtain promotion to ICC WCL European Division 1.

To achieve this they will be participating in a T20 International tournament in Stockholm, Sweden this August, where the winners will be promoted.

The players will be attending regular training sessions in the area to help them maintain and improve their fitness, skill and technique.

Other similar sessions are also being held in the Valencia region, Madrid and Barcelona alll focused on achieving the same objective.

The whole squad will also be getting together at regular intervals to take part in a number of tournaments and also playing strong touring opposition where they will be able to demonstrate and practice their skills further in real game scenarios.

We look forward to monitoring their progress.

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