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News from South West France Cricket

The turn of the year is always the time to start thinking about the season ahead.

1. The Fixtures page now shows the draws for the Cup and the T20 competition. The date for the Cup Final is settled; but dates are yet to be put the earlier rounds. The T20's dates are all still to be settled too but will be once the League pool dates are completed.

2. The Regulations page has the entry forms for each competition (deadline is 29th February!), together with the Regulations, modified to match the decisions reached at AGM 2015 and more besides.

3. The same page also shows the modified disciplinary procedure, as per AGM 2015 debate.

4. That same Regulations page also shows the dreaded stuff about getting your club re-affiliated to the FFBS. The price is the same and so is the date (15th March) after which renewed licences cost 10% more!

Here's hoping every club has an eminently satisfying season in 2016!

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