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Latest Alistair Gordon year end rankings released

Alistair Gordon has just updated his rankings site - - for 1/1/16 and the New Year sees a new number one.

However, the 10 Test playing nations still occupy the top 10 positions in his chart and it is likely that this state of affairs will continue for some time yet unfortunately.

Of more interest to readers might be the latest positions for European cricketing nations, an excellent guide to relative strengths.

Italy end the year as the top Twenty20 team in Europe (excluding Holland, Scotland and Ireland) in 21st place with Jersey, Denmark and Guernsey in quick succession in 25th, 26th and 28th respectively.

Of the next group of countries, France are 32nd, Norway 35th, Spain 40th and Germany 43rd. Gibraltar, Austria and Belgium all make the top 50.

The 50 over table sees Denmark as the leading European team in 23rd, followed by Jersey 25th, Guernsey 32nd and Italy 33rd. Norway, Austria, Belgium, France and Germany are all in the top 50.

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