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First ever official Finnish Indoor Cricket championships to launch with live televised final

Cricket Finland

Cricket Finland (CF) are pleased to advise that we have finalised negotiations with VALO/YLE to deliver the first ever official Finnish Championship Indoor cricket tournament as part of the “SM-VIIKKO” event to be held at the Tampere Exhibition Centre on February 12th to 14th 2016.

This is the first time such a prestigious combined sports event has been organised in Finland and it will include around 15 different sports in 2016. All of the sports that will be hosting Finnish Championship finals will have their final televised LIVE on YLE TV plus there will be match extracts and interviews shown on YLE throughout the spectacular event. The one hour long cricket final will be shown on YLE on Saturday evening February 13th. This is fantastic news for everyone involved in Finnish cricket. The CF Board have contracted with VALO/YLE to organise this 8-team cricket tournament based on our selection of rankings from summer 2015 official tournaments. The 8 teams selected would be the top 6 teams from SM40 Division 1, along with the winners of SM40 Division 2 and the winners of the SM T20 trophy. The list of clubs now being offered a place at the tournament are therefore the following: 1. SKK 2. Vantaa CC 3. Helsinki CC 4. FPC 5. Espoo CC 6. Shaurya 7. FinnAsia CC 8. Tampere CC The SM cricket tournament will be played at the Tampere Exhibition Centre from Friday around midday until the final on Saturday evening. Squads will be 8 players with each match playing team consisting of 6 players. Each game will be scheduled to last a maximum of 60 minutes, timing which must be strictly followed due to the TV scheduling. There will be two groups of 4 teams, who will play each other once in the group with the top two teams in each group going forward to semi-finals. Games will start early Friday afternoon and continue until late Friday evening and then continue again on Saturday morning. Playing regulations and the need for umpires and scorers will be sent out shortly. The tournament is being promoted nationally and is being supported strongly by VALO/YLE/OKM and other partners.

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